Friedberg Moravian Church

The life of Friedberg centers around our ministries. Whether it be a Sunday school class, large group or outreach, we offer many opportunities that allow you to fellowship, grow and serve in any number of ways.

Sunday School

Our Christian Education program provides the foundation of the spiritual and social lives of all family members. Our Sunday School is divided into classes for adults, youth and children. Youth and children's classes are set by grade level, and adult classes are set by age group as well as other factors, such as teaching style, outreach programs, etc. Click Here to visit the Christian Education pages.

Group Fellowships

There are four primary group fellowships at Friedberg: Women's Fellowship, Brothers' Fellowship, Youth Fellowship and Senior Friends. These groups offer ministry opportunities outside of the Christian Education program, focusing on small group ministry, service projects, spiritual growth, devotion, social activities and more. These programs are explained in greater detail at the linked pages to the right.

Music Ministry

Historically, the Moravian church has celebrated a rich musical heritage, dating back over 200 years ago when our Salem brethren would compose their own music for services and perform the great works of Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and others, often years before their debuts in the concert halls of New York and other larger cities. This deep affection and regard for music continues today in the modern Moravian Church, and Friedberg is no exception. We offer several choirs (or choruses) for people who prefer to praise with their voices. We also offer band and handbells for those who prefer to play (or learn to play) an instrument. Use the appropriate links to the right for information regarding the various groups in our music ministry.


Another historic aspect of the Moravian Church, perhaps even larger than our musical heritage, is our tradition of missions. The Moravian Church was one of the earliest protestant churches to send its brethren to the furthest parts of the known world to teach people about Jesus Christ, and as a result we are one of the most widespread Christian churches throughout the world. Our mission work extends all over the world, with Moravian churches in Nicaragua, Honduras, South Africa, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, India and other places, with missionaries in Mexico, Asia, the Middle East, Uzbekistan and others. At Friedberg, we actively participate in both local/national missionary work as well as international work. During 2006 and 2007 we sent several groups to assist with disaster-relief efforts in hurricane and flood-damaged areas on the southern United States coast. We also provide care packages for members of the armed forces with our own Cookies for Christ program. More information on missions at Friedberg is available by contacting the church office.

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