GREETERS (06/11) Merle Scott & Karen Wayne
(Reminder for 06/18) Steve & Kathy Inman 

CHILDREN’S CHURCH  David & Hellen Bee
TODDLER NURSERY (0611) Sandy Ellis & Kathy Inman
(Reminder for 06/18) Julie Morelli & Julie Williamson 
INFANT NURSERY (06/11) Kaci Long & Keri Williams
(Reminder for 06/18) John & Patti Clerico 

Friedberg Moravian Church

Sunday School


The Board of Christian Education at Friedberg handles most aspects of children's spiritual development and study, and provides resources and aid to youth and adult Sunday school classes. Children's Sunday School is the primary ministry responsibility of the Board of Christian Education. Other activities organized and promoted through the board include yearly Vacation Bible School weeks and the new Trunk-or-Treat in the fall. For more information, send an e-mail.

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Sunday School Classes Brochure

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