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Friedberg Moravian Church has a group of Children's Leaders that are ready to share the love of Jesus with all children who pass through our doors.  Our hope is that we plant the seeds needed for each child to build a strong faith foundation in which they'll carry with them throughout their lives!

Heidi Everhart
Director of Children's Ministry
Our Director of Children's
Ministry is helped by all of
these wonderful people 

Colt and Heather Johnson
Children's Leader

Children's Leader
Jason and Katrina Romblad

Wanda Russell
Children's Leader


Chris and Julie Stone
Children's Leaders





The Pieces of the Children's Ministry
Click on the Bits & Pieces image to see what all our children participate in during their time in the Children's Ministry.

Our 2018 Winter/Spring happenings for the Children
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What's going on for children at Friedberg this month?
May Newsletter


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