GREETERS (06/11) Merle Scott & Karen Wayne
(Reminder for 06/18) Steve & Kathy Inman 

CHILDREN’S CHURCH  David & Hellen Bee
TODDLER NURSERY (0611) Sandy Ellis & Kathy Inman
(Reminder for 06/18) Julie Morelli & Julie Williamson 
INFANT NURSERY (06/11) Kaci Long & Keri Williams
(Reminder for 06/18) John & Patti Clerico 

Friedberg Moravian Church

Scouts at Friedberg Moravian Church

Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts meet at Friedberg Moravian on Monday nights from 7-8.  Pack and Troop 703 are part of the Old Hickory Council of Boy Scouts of America.  A Friedberg we strive to give boys outdoor adventure, hiking, camping and life skills in a Christ-centered environment.  It is our hope that scouting gives our boys the experience they need to become responsible men.

For more information contact Chris Spaugh at (336) 306-2086 or  

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