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How To Enter Items Into Database
1. Go to our website and click Enter Items.
2. Enter your consignor # and password to log in.
3. On the left hand side, click Work with Consigned Inventory.
4. Click Work With My Consigned Items (Active Inventory).
5. Fill in the item information (Category, Size, Description, Price).
  1. If you would like to sell your item for half-price on the final day of the sale, click the Check to Discount box
b. If you would like to donate your unsold item, click the Check to Donate box.
6. Click Submit Item.

Pricing & Tagging  
Here are some suggestions on how to tag and price when entering your items.                               
Price items according to age and condition.  They will not sell if you price them too high.  The smallest price we accept is 1.00.  The software will not allow us to go below this.  Yes, they will go for 50 cents at the half-price sale, but it will not allow us to start off below a $1.00.  You can always try to combine it with another item.  Please list all items in 50 cent increments. 
Price is determined by seller.  However, tags are lost at each sale.  We will make every attempt to to match these up.  The new tagging system may make this a work easier.  If something does happen, and we are not able to determine your price, we will put a fair price on the item and sell it. 
If you wish to donate a particular item, you will choose that when entering your item.  If you choose to do so, a “D” will appear on your tag. You will print your donate item tags on white cardstock paper.  If you choose not to donate and pick items up after sale, there will be nothing on the tag and you need to print your tags on pastel color cardstock paper.

       Half- Price Tips
Only the items you choose to mark down will go half- price.  This is chosen when you enter them online.  Each tag will have a small star above the price if you choose half-price.  It will print in red if you use a color printer, but this is not necessary as the rest of the tag is black and white.  The color of the star will not affect anything.   If you choose to donate your items at the end of the sale, we recommend you mark these half- price. We recommend you check to see if your discounted tag have the star on them before printing the rest of the tags.  If you are choosing to sell at full price for the entire sale- no for discount- there will be no star on your tag.  Full price items still go full price during the half-price sale time.  All items with a star will of 50% on Saturday from
9:00am to 12:00pm  Remember, if you don’t want to take it back home with you, mark it half-price.

 All tagging information is entered online.  You will need access to a computer, printer, and white or very light colored cardstock paper
, you will also need a pastel color cardstock paper to print tags for items if you plan to pick them up after sale (THIS IS MANDATORY...Cardstock only! .)  Each tag will have a barcode automatically printed on it.  That barcode will be scanned when purchased.  If the paper is easily torn and flimsy, it will not scan and you will not be able to sell your item.  Also, make sure when your tags print that they are not smeared and that the barcode lines are clean, clear, and crisp with sharp lines. (Print in "normal" mode on printer properties.) Older inkjet printers tend to leave the barcode "fuzzy."  So please make sure your barcodes are clear with clean lines before you tag!  If not, please reprint that tag.
Before you ever enter an item, please make sure there are no stains, missing pieces, pet hair, etc. on them.  Examine them closely, so we do not have to turn your items away.  
  Now once you register, you can just follow the steps to pricing and tagging your items.   
*PLEASE, PLEASE, do NOT delete your items once they have been printed or you will lose MONEY!  They must remain in the system until you pick up your check.  Deleting items off your inventory will not allow us to sell them - they will not scan.  You may only delete the item if it is NOT being brought to the sale.  Please note: If you end up deleting an item not being brought to the sale, that assigned item number in your inventory will be deleted with the item (this is normal.)  Also, each item must have it's own barcode and individual tag.  If you have two "exactly the same" items being sold separately, they still need their own barcode and separate item numbers.   Finally, you will still be able to print out your tags after the deadline on Tuesday at Midnight, but entering or editing tags will not be possible. 
  Attaching The Tag Tips
Once you have (1) entered your info for each tag (price, description, size), and (2) printed out your tags, you're ready to (3) attach the tag to the item.  REMEMBER, ALL CLOTHING MUST BE ON HANGERS! 
The only exception to putting clothes on hangers is for infant items like onesies, socks, bibs, underwear, any other clothing, that cannot be displayed by hanging.  These non-hanging items need to be in a ziploc bag with clear tape placed firmly over the tag itself.  Then tape the bag shut and tape the tag to the bag with  clear packing tape.  (This prevents it from coming off when being handled.)  Now you may have one or several items in that ziploc but you should only have one tag per ziploc.
Again, clothing MUST BE SECURELY ON HANGERS. When placing your tag on your hanging clothes, you will need to attach your tag to it with a safety pin.  (We recommend a single hole punch before pinning - prevents tearing.)  Please do not use straight pins or tape.  Do not attach the tags to hangers.   The tag needs to be in the upper left corner of the garment when being worn, (i.e. over the heart, over the pocket).
The securing of your tag is important to you receiving your money from your sold items. 
Each piece should be priced and sorted by size and gender before drop-off.  
Miscellaneous Tips
SMALLER ITEMS - When attaching tags to smaller, frequently handled items (like toys), it's best to put tape over most of the tag to prevent it from coming off as shoppers and their children handle these items.  Also, the toys at the sale will usually be played with by the children of shoppers.  So please make sure all pieces are firmly attached.  If there are smaller pieces with a toy or other item, put those in a ziploc and attach firmly to that larger item. All items with small pieces - toys, puzzles, games, must include all pieces. 
BOOKS - Make sure that the tape will not tear the book (try Scotch tape).  This is a good idea for games and puzzles too- anything cardboard.  If you have multiple books you want to sell together, it's best if they are wrapped with string or twine. Or you can put them in a ziploc and put the tag on the ziploc (with packing tape).  Just remember to tape the ziploc shut so they do not get misplaced. And on the tag, just remember to list the book titles and how many books are in the ziploc. If possible, place the tag over the book's original barcode (usually on the back.)
VIDEOS - Place your tag on the back of the DVD or VHS cover.  Remember, original covers only.  
BATTERIES - All items that require batteries must have them!  (Toys, swings, electronics, etc.)  Items that require batteries and do not have them will be rejected at inspection.
BARCODES - Many items consigned are new or are still in the original box (like DVDs).  If the item you are consigning has a barcode on it from the manufacturer, please cover that barcode up with your tag or masking tape.  These barcodes can cause our scanners at the register to slow down our check-out process.
Do not put any tag inside a ziplock bag. 
This is difficult for the scanners and will take extra time to remove at checkout.  

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